Think Kookie (in English)


Think about hip. Think about color. Think about retro with a touch of glamour. Think about picnicking in the park. Think about wearing your birthday dress even though it’s not your birthday at all. Think about Think Kookie.

Think kookie started with two mothers that had 2 little girls with a passion for clothes and style. Two distinct styles developed each one showcasing their own personalities:
Mini Momee for those girls that can’t get enough of their mothers wardrobe and who want high style in a smaller And myKy brings out the feminine and softer side of any girl. For all those girls that want to feel good and look their best every day of the week.

What makes Think Kookie so unique is that beside from giving their garments names, they also add characteristics to it. Characteristic features that the girls whop wears the dress owns. It’s not a matter of do I like the dress. But it also makes me wonder about; is my daughter a ‘turn on the charm dress’, ‘let them eat cake dress’ of ‘top of the class dress’ girl. Well, maybe she’s just all of them!
Luckily like most girls of her age my daughter’s character is just as changeable as the weather so I can easily buy the whole collection. There might come a moment that she will feel like it and than I do have just the perfect dress to make her feel and look at her best!

Think Kookie is very great child clothing brand with fashionable designs. Because of the different designs and the use of different fabrics they appear to a broad audience. Their clothes are suitable for any moment.They scored well on our photo test. I got response back very quickly and yes we Dutch mothers can order in their web shop. So you’re warmly invited.

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